Addressing the Opportunity

What is the opportunity?

Access to the 1.5 million participants and their families for advertisers and sponsors.
Why are these targets so attractive?

  • They are largely female
  • They are athletes
  • They are relatively affluent
  • They are motivated, hard working
  • They are undertaking a healthy activity

How do we develop and deploy this network?

Aggregate the top 10 youth cheerleading competitions in each state (that’s 500 total competitions…there are often more than 10 in each state), sign contracts with each of these, and begin outreach and sign up.
How do we do this?
Contact a “Cheering Gym” in each state, speak to the owner, and ask them to provide us with contact information for each of the 10 tournaments in their state.
From that point, we reach out to each tournament organizer with our offer based on the assumed metrics pertaining to the overall network.
At the same time, we need to begin sponsor and advertiser outreach as follows:

  • Based on sponsorship metrics, sell a national sponsorship program
  • Based on advertiser metrics, sell a national advertising program
For sponsors, we need to develop two to three integrated marketing programs we can sell to a prospective sponsor. These should include:
  • A health oriented programs that goes out via leadership to the “gym” level partner – via a fundraiser solution for the gym — to drive a competition from the gym level up to the tournament, state championship, and national championship level
  • A sponsored elite cheering team that can perform at each of these tournaments and provide a sponsor with an integrated marketing opportunity online, at the live events, and at targeted additional appearance opportunities
  • A simple sponsorship program where the sponsors is present at the tournaments and has access to tournament teams via tournament content on a pre-event basis to prepare participants (parents) for activation at the event